Sarah Everett

People & Culture Manager

What do you do at Relus?

  • Like a classic startup employee, I do a little bit of everything. I wear a lot of hats, some of which include HR, recruiting, marketing, and employer branding.

What did you do before you joined Relus?

  • When I graduated college, they told me Facebook stalking wasn’t a transferable skill. I proved them wrong by professionally stalking people as a Sourcing Specialist at an IT staffing firm.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

  •  “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC

What are you doing when you’re not at Relus?

  • Typical Millennial things—reading Buzzfeed listicles, watching trashy reality TV, and trying to make my cat internet famous. Just kidding! But not about that last one…

Why Relus?

  • Relus is an exciting place to be right now. We’re moving fast and changing rapidly. There’s so much opportunity here and I take it as a great honor to be along for the ride. There’s no other company out there that can offer the people, products, and services that Relus does—or have as much fun as us either!