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Third-Party Maintenance

If you’re like many of our customers, you are either being pressured into a storage refresh or are paying too much for maintenance renewals on your existing system—or both. Relus provides post-warranty support on the vast majority of Hitachi systems using certified engineers and genuine HDS parts. In doing so, we save our customers anywhere from 40 to 80 percent on maintenance renewals and allow them to invest those savings in more strategic areas.


Relus provides capacity upgrades and fully-configured systems using genuine HDS parts. If you’re looking to expand an existing storage system or add another box for test/dev, DR, or even production, we can help!

Supported Systems

Relus provides upgrades, fully-configured systems, and post-warranty maintenance and support for the following HDS systems.

  • VSP G200
  • VSP G400
  • VSP G600
  • VSP G800
  • VSP G1000
  • VSP G1500
HUS 100 Series
  • HUS 110
  • HUS 130
  • HUS 150
  • HCP 300
  • HCP 500
  • HCP G10
  • HCP VM
  • HCP S10
  • HCP S30
Hitachi NAS (HNAS)
  • F1000 Series
  • HNAS F1120
  • HNAS F1140
  • HNAS 2100
  • HNAS 2200
  • HNAS 3080
  • HNAS 3090
  • HNAS 3100
  • HNAS 3200
  • HNAS 4040
  • HNAS 4060
  • HNAS 4080
  • HNAS 4100

Maintenance Highlights

  • 40-80% off OEM list
  • Storage, Server, Network, Desktop, and POS Equipment
  • Monitoring add-on option
  • Standard and Custom SLAs
  • Access to specialized helpdesk technicians
  • Ability to support hardware deemed as “EOL” (“End of life”) by manufacturers

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • 24x7x4
  • 24x7xNBD
  • 9x5xNBD
  • 9x5xNBD Remote
  • Customized

Don’t settle for “break-fix” support!

Many of our competitors can effectively replace parts like hard drives and power supplies, but what happens when the issue is much more complex—and much more critical? Relus uses specialized engineers who can help you troubleshoot at the OS level for the specific platform we’re supporting, whether that’s AMS, USP, VSP, or anything else. Don’t entrust your complex storage arrays to an IT generalist. Click here to set up an introductory call with one of our account managers and learn more about the Relus difference.

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