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Data Protection

Safeguarding important information from corruption and/or loss

  • A brighter approach to backup that simplifies backup & recovery for virtualized and physical environments
  • A fresh approach to data archives that unlocks scalable and cost-effective archives
  • Extend data protection and management to virtualized and physical remote and branch offices (ROBO)
  • Test data for DevOps provides virtual copies of data to development & testing teams in minutes
  • Data insights & analytics by creating a golden copy of the data that exists independent of production systems with 100% data access with zero production impact
  • Lifecycle data management across the full lifecycle of an application, from development to management to retirement.
  • Data encryption at rest for any file, any database, any server – anywhere!
  • Simplify enterprise application encryption workflow to encrypt sensitive data before it’s written to a database or big data node
  • Cloud encryption gateway that brings security and compliance to cloud storage
  • Enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data center & cloud environments
  • Continuous data replication & recovery designed for virtualized infrastructure and cloud
  • Protect applications between multiple sites or in the public cloud
  • The only distributed web-scale platform designed to consolidate all your secondary data and workflows
  • Simplify data protection by converging backup, recovery, and target storage into one solution
  • Consolidate secondary storage like backup, files, and test/dev copies on a web scale storage platform

Scale-Out Storage and Hyperconverged

Innovate while protecting your investment

  • High performance enterprise data storage that eliminates issues with performance, availability, and scalability and accelerates critical business applications
  • Pay-as-you-grow expansion model
  • Unified storage delivering SAN & NAS within a single platform
  • Solve the root cause of data center pain
  • Isolate every VM in its own lane to eliminate conflict, then set Quality of Service (QoS) for total control of I/O
  • Real-time analytics to see the behavior of every VM; predictive analytics to forecast capacity and performance needs
  • Makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power the business
  • Scalable infrastructure that can start with just 3 servers
  • Pay-as-you-grow economics to allow businesses to buy and use only the IT resources they need—only when they need them

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

All our solutions provide a path for cloud adoption, whether it’s the public cloud or providing cloud-like features to your private cloud, Relus Technologies has a solution to meet your needs today or in the future.

Cost Effective Cloud Services

Reduce CAPEX & OPEX with end-to-end data protection from your on-prem data center to AWS

Achieve Flexible DR

Maintain a copy of data in the cloud for DR


Data Archiving

Utilize on-prem object storage and/or AWS S3 or Glacier to reduce or eliminate tape

Cloud Bursting

Utilize AWS Compute On-Demand using data stored on-prem

Storage Capacity On Demand

Handle spikes in storage demand by moving to AWS

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