Disaster Recovery

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Relus Disaster Recovery

Don’t wait for an actual disaster to occur before developing a recovery plan of what to do and who to call should your data center or infrastructure go down. Relus Disaster Recovery services includes an all-encompassing solution in order to keep your business running in the case of any type of emergency. Our IT recovery centers are always up, always running with programs tailored to your location, applications and system configurations. We have the facilities, resources and flexibility to handle virtually every IT disaster and recovery scenario including disaster recovery testing. We can even act as your actual IT production failover site should you need to relocate your team during a crisis.


3-5 Day Delivery SLAs to your site for recovery or testing.


A great option for organizations that require a hotsite environment or fixed work-group positions.

Custom SLAs

Adjustable delivery SLAs that provide Quick Ship IT equipment replacement services to complement existing Tier 1 recovery solutions, as well as supports 1-5 day recovery time objective (RTO).

Disaster & Recovery Testing

Enterprise-class hardware from virtually any manufacturer that can be rented for as short as a week or as long as 12 months.

Recovery Services

Hardware you need, when and where you need it as fast as possible. Relus tailors a personalized disaster recovery plan for your company, location, applications and system configurations. With our wide-range of services, you can select the option that best aligns with your business needs.

Continuity Consulting

The best time to deal with an IT disaster is before it happens. Our proven business continuity solutions help prepare for an IT crisis proactively with your budget in mind. Our experts analyze the current state of your organization’s IT infrastructure and provide a safeguard strategy to prevent and minimize any disruptions to your business. Our solutions are designed to fit your specific needs with the greatest flexibility and cost-efficiency.

  • Powerful methodology, process and partners
  • Flexible implementations and programs
  • Balanced risk, operational impacts and expense constraints
  • Full suite of proven products and services

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