BHAGs or Bust – Relus in 2017

Our theme for the year is “Everyone Makes Their Quota in 2017” (#EMTQ2017). This is a campaign for collaboration and investing in one another’s success, as opposed to a mandatory sales order. We will work together to fill our parking lot with Teslas, reach personal and department goals, and encourage one another along the journey. The Relus team is completely committed to achieving our goals.

Improving the Candidate Experience with Two Simple Questions

Trust is your only hope as HR managers, recruiting managers, and hiring managers. You need to take a walk in the candidate’s shoes and understand who they are so that they can better understand the company and its culture. These two questions could save your company 7 million dollars per year!

Team Relus in 2017

The only certainty of 2017 is that we will have access to an unlimited number of excuses. The points above will affect our business plan, along with hundreds of unforeseen hurdles. In the past, even though I was aware of potential obstacles in advance, I chose to use them as valid explanations later if a goal wasn’t achieved.

Setting Audacious Goals for 2017

Goals, like promises, are easy to make. The difficult part is the work necessary to achieve the goal. One of my biggest past mistakes was setting a lofty goal and then making excuses to rationalize not reaching it. It is tempting to defend a lack of success with...

CIOs Need to Catch Pikachu

Pokémon Go is all over the news. Millions have downloaded the online game, making it the fastest growing application ever. But, it hasn’t been without problems. People have walked over cliffs, crashed cars, and found dead bodies while playing. To top it all off,...

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