Backup and Recovery vs. Data Protection

Today’s mentality for data protection versus traditional backup and recovery presents a very fine gray line. Customers have essentially been forced into a fundamental shift of the principles driving buying behaviors. They’ve accommodated virtualization and work hard to coordinate storage array snapshots into coherent data protection strategies, but the word that comes up more often than not in discussions on snapshot effectiveness is “kludge”.

Winning with Third-Party Maintenance

Typical third-party providers will reduce the cost of your maintenance renewals by 40% – 70%. For a small company, that might mean several hundreds of dollars, but to a large organization, it may equate to millions of dollars in savings!

TOUGH: Racing to Help Foster Children

Being a foster child or parent is a roller coaster of emotions void of preparation. Just like someone running a marathon without training, foster families hit the ground running and need the support of friends and family to help them make it from start to finish.

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