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Relus Technologies is an IT solutions provider on a mission to empower our customers through our people, products, and services. We create options in IT, with a focus on data center transformation, cloud enablement, and the delivery of top IT talent. We work hard to be the innovative company that customers recommend, employees are proud of, and that our community values.


Forget IoT, join the latest megatrend of IoB

Maybe compared to IoT, the Internet of Things, the new trend “IoB” hasn't quite hit mega-trend status yet, but it is extremely cool nonetheless. Yes, I am talking about IoB - The Internet of Bicycles. Over the last year, I have been riding the Expresso Bike at the...

CIOs Need to Catch Pikachu

Pokémon Go is all over the news. Millions have downloaded the online game, making it the fastest growing application ever. But, it hasn’t been without problems. People have walked over cliffs, crashed cars, and found dead bodies while playing. To top it all off,...

Just Say No (To Traditional Manufacturers)

When I entered the world of IT sales a few years back, I said “No” to selling for the dominating traditional manufacturers. You know who they are—EMC, IBM, HP etc. Many industry professionals have been working on their technology or have been issuing extremely...

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