A Look Inside

The leadership at Relus is committed to Creating Options in IT. We are united in our effort to offer products and services that are designed to help IT organizations maximize the life of their current-state IT environment, while at  the same time empowering and enabling them to realize the many benefits of platform, infrastructure and applications as a service.

Leveraging many years of experience in multiple fields of technology has allowed the executives of Relus to put together a message that is relevant and timely for today’s technology leaders. We help extend the life of existing environments while planning for the future by focusing on three main areas: Infrastructure, Cloud and People.

From the start, Relus Technologies was founded on three basic principles: 1) Be Focused on the Customer 2) Be the best place to work 3) Be charitable. We understand that if we can stick to our principles and deliver an incredible customer experience while keeping our employees happy and motivated, we will be profitable.

Our mindset is to support our employees with an environment that allows them to learn, grow and thrive. We give our employees the chance to do meaningful work, not only for our clients, but for their colleagues, themselves and for their community as a whole.

The Leadership Team

The Relus leadership team has nearly a century of combined experience in information technology services and solutions.

Mark Metz

Michael Campbell
VP of Sales

Scott Luce

Kris Swanson
VP of Marketing

Matt Whitney
Cloud Sales Director

Jay Duff
Director of Big Data

Adam Book
Senior Cloud Architect

Community Outreach

Usually, business leaders believe increasing revenues enable a company to give back to the community and become a great place to work.

We have chosen to flip this thinking. Helping our community has become an integral part of our Relus core values. At Relus Technologies, we take every opportunity to involve ourselves in outreach programs and volunteer initiatives all throughout the city of Atlanta.